Each and Every Day

Each and Every Day is a documentary exploration of youth mental health through the eyes of young people, who have attempted suicide or have struggled with suicidal thoughts. The nine people featured, range in age from late-teens to early-thirties, and come from diverse backgrounds. They share not only their darkest moments and challenges, but also their recoveries and hard-won wisdom about what it means to build a life worth living. In addition to telling their personal stories, all the participants meet virtually, creating an online community to discuss mental health challenges. The film offers relatable and authentic portraits of young people dealing with suicide and emphasizes helping seeking and hope.


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Director and Producer
Alexandra Shiva

Lindsey Megrue

Toby Shimin

Bethany Dettmore

Director of Photography
Justin Zweifach

Production Associate 
Meranda Yslas

Original Music by
Lila Blue

Executive Producer
Sheila Nevins


"With suicides by young people already on the rise in recent years and the relentless pandemic piling on pressure, a film giving voice to those who attempted or considered suicide takes on more urgency."

— AP News

"In fact, their powerful, honest voices might just make a big difference for viewers at home."

— E! News

"Mental health impacts all of us. The film is raw, open, and honest, and it comes at a critical time...."

— MTV News

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