The feature documentary “STAGEDOOR” brings an insightful look into the world of five teenage aspiring artists attending the camp, that some have dubbed “a haven for adolescent self-proclaimed “theater geeks.” The film follows: Maddy, 15 — a quintessential chorus girl who knows her limitations; Nicole, 14 — an awkward young comedienne — and the self-proclaimed “least popular girl in school”; Taylor, 14 — small for his age, often teased for his size and suffering from ADD and ADHD finds himself totally at home in the theatrical world; Robert, 15 — from the worst part of Newark, New Jersey, he played Simba in The Lion King on Broadway for 8 months until his voice changed and now seeks his place on stage; and Randi, 17 — wearing the crown as Stagedoor’s Queen Bee, Randi is a Stagedoor lifer, as she’s has been coming to the camp for 9 years. “STAGEDOOR” offers a compassionate look into their inner lives, as they use theater to navigate adolescence and figure out who they are and who they want to be.

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Director and Producer
Alexandra Shiva

Executive Producer
Jason Blum

Penelope Falk


"Charming! Riveting"

— The New Yorker

"Impressive . . . Comical and Compassionate!"

— Variety

"There's a star born every minute in the footlighted dreamworld of Stagedoor."

— Time Out NY